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SALSOFT is a customizable pay processing software, with which you may manage attendance of your employees and generate reports ranging from daily MIS reports to annual returns report, all within a few clicks!


Versions of SALSOFT:

  • Basic pay-processing software.
  • Time Office software integrated with pay-processing software.


Reports that can be generated using SALSOFT:

  • Salary Register, Muster Roll, Wage Register as per FORM-22.
  • Department-wise, Category-wise, Unit-wise Salary Register.
  • Pay-slip, Wage-slip as per FORM-6.
  • PT, PF ESI Recovery Statements and Challans.
  • Leave, Loan, Salary Advance Accounting, Leave Cards.
  • Census Register, Adult Register.
  • Bonus Statement, Multiple Bank Payment Option.
  • Multiple LIC Option with Policy-wise and Branch-wise Statements. 
  • Statutory Forms - PT FORM-5, Annual Returns.
  • Statutory Forms - PF FORM-5, FORM-10, FORM-12A, FORM-3A, FORM-6A.
  • Statutory Forms - ESI FORM-6, FORM-7 (for first and second half contribution period).
  • Statutory Forms - IT FORM-16, Tax Plan. 


Special Features of SALSOFT:

  • Complete Customization of Time Office software as per your requirement.
  • Single database to manage both Time Office & Payroll systems.
  • Collecting and processing daily punches process for daily salary and OT costing.
  • Daily and Monthly MIS report printing.
  • Time tested, Fool-proof software.


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