Software Development & System Integration


Who We Are.. What We Do...

We are the leading developers of Integrated Time Office & Payroll Softwares and other related softwares since 1992. Our software, SALSOFT is a highly customizable software that provides a one stop solution for all your Time Recording and Pay Processing needs. We integrate Time Office systems with our software so that the whole process of time recording, attendance management, pay processing and related report generation can be done single-handedly by our software SALSOFT.


Why Choose Us...

Time Recording and Pay Processing of all employees are two very important, but time consuming tasks in any company. We at SYSTEM COMPUTERS, value your time. We integrate these two seemingly endless tasks to provide you with an integrated solution. So with a few clicks in our software you can generate all reports from daily MIS punching report to annual returns.

SALSOFT is a Completely customizable software. Before delivering our software to you, your individual requirements will  be studied and our software will be altered to suit your requirements. This shall ensure a unique and special program for you and only you, at an astonishingly affordable price.